Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gluten Free Pizza in Coral Springs

Lunch today was at Pasquale's in North Coral Springs. They have 2 locations in Coral Springs and one location in Coconut Creek but only serve gluten free pizza in North Coral Springs and Coconut Creek.

Aside from Disney World, I've only eaten gluten free pizza in one restaurant and ended up sick from it. My thought was that it was from the cross contamination. How could there not be cross contamination? Needless to say I have been hesitant to try this since, but gave it a shot after a co-worker told me she had eaten there.

I called ahead to confirm that they did in fact serve gluten free pizza and the person who answered the phone told me they did. First good sign that she didn't need to check with someone else! When I arrived I noticed that you go straight to the counter to place your order and then take a seat until your order number is called. Next good sign was that the cashier also knew right away what I was asking for and was also able to explain that the gluten free pizzas are cooked separately. We then ordered and waited for our number to be called. The atmosphere was very nice with televisions throughout the restaurant, and everything appeared very well maintained. I was hoping the kitchen was the same and there wouldn't be any cross contamination issues.

When the pizza was ready I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked like a regular pizza... but then came the taste test. I was pleasantly surprised with this as well. The crust was pretty good and the cheese tasted just like the cheese on a regular pizza. The sauce was a little on the bland side but with some oregano it turned out okay. Overall, I enjoyed this immensely!

No surprise, it was a little expensive at $17.95 for a 12 inch pizza but that won't keep me away. I would definitely recommend Pasquale's and will be back there again soon!

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